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Holistic Nutrition Coaching

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts Certified Nutrition Specialist

I am an avid supporter of organics, non-GMO, and local growers. The Holistic approach to nutrition is based upon these foundations. My program is the answer for living a Holistic lifestyle to improve one's health, performance and longevity.


This is not a cookie cutter approach or the same old diet program you've tried over and over. I design a plan specifically for you, and with regular coaching sessions, we work together to make it a lifestyle that you can maintain. 

I also specialize in a macronutrient based lifestyle. Helping you to achieve your desired physique through macro counting. 

Other areas of expertise include:

carb cycling


This 45 minute session is the foundation for our coaching sessions, as I acquire the needed information from you to determine the best coaching approach for you. This session is required before 30 minute sessions can begin. 

Coaching Package

This package includes 12 thirty-minute nutritional coaching sessions. Depending on your schedule and level of coaching needed, we may decide to meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. 



30 Minute Coaching Session

A Holistic approach to nutrition. After your initial consultation I will decide which format is best for you. Concepts and techniques such as processed free living, intuitive eating and more are used to help you release weight. 


Personal Shopping and Information Tour

We will spend this session in the local grocery store of your choice. Learn how to choose vegetables, fruits, proteins, good fats, and read food labels. You will be able to make healthier, more educated choices after this informative 60 minute session. 

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